Your eMotions are your Animating Current


eMotion is Energy in Motion

Whatever you FEEL right now is what the universe will think you want more of. eMotion is Energy in Motion and is how you manifest what you want. Your eMotions are the animating current that writes your life story.

Animating current

Whatever emotion you are feeling is Soul Energy, and it is your Animating Current. This Soul Energy is the power that you are using to manifest your reality. The foundational ingredient is your eMotion = your Animating Current

“Thoughts that are oriented to the past and the future serve only to restrict and limit the amount of animating current that is available to vitalize your expression.” —Ken Carey

I would say that if you dwell in the past, you stay in the past’s energetic manifestations. If you dwell on future wants, you push your desired manifestation away and instead manifest a state of not manifesting.

Said another way, “someday,” “tomorrow,” “I want,” “I will” NEVER COME.eMotion is Energy in Motion which is the Animating Current. This animating current is God, yourSelf, The Universe, and Everything. This animating current is always right here, right now.

You create your reality every moment of every day, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Whatever emotion you are feeling the most is what you are feeding your Animating Current and what you will get back 10 fold.

By paying attention to the Animating Current, you can consciously create the life you want. The more moments you feel happy/content/peaceful/joyful/abundant, the more the universe will ensure you have more to feel happy/content/peaceful/joyful/abundant about.

Happy/content/peaceful/joyful/abundant is a bit cumbersome, so I’ll just call it your Happy Zone. The more your animating Current is in your HappyZone, the more of everything happy/content/peaceful/joyful/abundant you will have in your life. You just need to Stay Alive, Pay Attention, and Have Fun.

Surround yourself with things that bring a smile to your face. It might be a painting, a photo, a scarf, a rock, or even a piece of string. It can be anything. The piece’s importance only matters to you and only works if it makes you smile. Have things around you that will help you be in your Happy Zone for more and more of your day.

Your goal is to fill your Animating Current with the eMotions you want more of.

have fun

Stay Alive, Pay Attention, and Have Fun.

Laugh. Play. Dance. Smile. Celebrate Life

Have Fun