About dianereading.com

September 2023

I am at my core a Practical Pragmatic Idealist. My favorite innate talent is the ability to see the simplicity in seemingly complex situations, thought processes, and systems. My two favorite compliments are: “You think everything is neat” and “You could make rocks taste good.”

Having recently turned 70, I decided to reassess where I am, what I’m doing, and what I want to do for the next 30 or so years. The first step in this next phase is to put my Training, Coaching, and Life experience into book form before settling on my next adventure.

This is not my original “About” page, but after trying to write an “About the Author” page for my book, I decided to rework this “About Me” page. My very long list of Certifications has been deleted, and all the “what I can do for you” stuff is gone. I picked a few tidbits out of my past to give you a peek into who I am.

This website is here for me to have FUN.

December 1952: Born in Northern California, Raised (mostly) in Oregon, and spent a good bit of the 70s in Santa Cruz. As most are, I am a product of my time tempered with an insatiable curiosity and a true feeling of wonder.

When at college, I was taking Psychics, Organic Chemistry, and Business Accounting at the same time. On the side, I was certified in Mind Mapping and Reiki. As a firm believer in magic and always wanting to know how things work, college in Santa Cruz in the 70s was a perfect fit

If, like me, you think that what a person reads tells you a bit about them, here is my short version: I read Agatha Christie’s mysteries and everything I could find about Stoicism while still in grade school, graduating to Science Fiction and World Religions in Junior High. By High School, I was reading anything Scientific or Philosophical, fiction or nonfiction, and still do. I also still read Mysteries and Science Fiction.

I have always been a writer, often for money and the rest of the time “just because”. The research involved was often the most exciting part, especially when traveling. I have never stopped writing, but I set aside writing for money several years ago.

Removing all the articles from this site and putting them into book form is like cleaning the attic and the spare bedroom and those boxes in the garage that have been there since moving in 10 years ago.

Stay tuned for what comes next…

I’m thinking that I’ll put all my favorite recipes on this site on dwreading.com and links on this site to whatever else I decide to do. Like maybe create a society dedicated to changing the world by getting together and having fun?!?! Or maybe start my own religion or tell fortunes of maybe a podcast or start painting again. or…

Happy Zone