When Sh*t Happens

It is a certainty that bad, mad, sad stuff will happen in your life. If you have been on the Path of Joy and living in Your Happy Zone for a while, you will find that the Mad and Hurt stuff only affects your animating current for a matter of seconds, if at all, because you will recognize it for what it is.

Anger and upset are only a matter of perspective and judgment. For the Bad stuff, it will be much the same. You will act and react, deal with the consequences, and not stay attached or invested in whatever happened.

Sometimes, the only way to get through the bad, mad, sad stuff times is to change your mind. Change your perspective. Cultivate the art of being a Pragmatic Idealist.

Anger, fear, pain, and hurt are all necessary to your understanding, safety and growth and are not to be ignored or repressed. If you have truly embraced Pragmatic Idealism, you will find that the process of adjusting your perspective with these eMotions is much easier.

I find sadness to be a bit different. I was incredibly sad at the death of my first husband and my unborn child, but there was a solid undercurrent of knowing that I would be ok. I still feel the sadness of the loss all these years later, but it does not have any effect on my animating current.

Living in Your Happy Zone needs to become a habit.

Your Happiness then becomes a habit. When you have the habit of being happy/calm/content, that will be the core that you exist from. It will be how you see the world. You will play in the rain. You will face the bad, mad, sad stuff with aplomb!

splash puddle

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.

Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

Marcus Aurelius

Have Fun

Stay Alive, Pay Attention and HAVE FUN!

Laugh. Play. Dance. Smile. Celebrate Life