The Tao of Joy and Dudeism

The Path of Joy started for me with a hummingbird and a song over 60 years ago. I did not have a name for it in the beginning, but it has been a conscious path for me since I knew to “Stay Alive and Pay Attention”.

I did not come across Dudiesm until early 2022. The Tao of Joy is how I practice Dudeism and Dudeism makes following The Path of Joy even more fun.


From what is Dudeism trying to liberate us?   – Thinking that’s too uptight.
To what state of being is Dudeism trying to bring us? – Just taking it easy, man.
By what means does Dudeism attempt to do this? –  Abiding.


From what is The Tao of Joy trying to liberate us?  – Judgment and Attachment
To what state of being is The Tao of Joy trying to bring us? – Contented Happiness
By what means does The Tao of Joy attempt to do this? – Living in our Happy Zone.

The Tao of Joy and Dudeism are philosophy twins.

Although Simplifying is one of my superpowers, it is still hard to put The Tao of Joy into words because words don’t do very well with a living, breathing way of being. Embracing my feel for Dudeism helps. My goal is to make it easier/simpler for you to live your best and happiest life. I want you to live in abundance and happiness, abiding in your knowing that you are in total control of your circumstance as you let go of control.



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